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☆ ☆ ☆ GOLD STARS ☆ ☆ ☆

We hope you  had an amazing time while visiting Slick80. We are always improving, perfecting and making this place better so if you have something on your mind, whether it’s a nice complement or a nasty gripe, let us know.

The best place in the Ozarks to go mountain biking.

Brent Schoffer, Kansas City, MO

Jess and Tylor have taken a dream and turned it into a reality. Two very special people have made a very special place for many years to come.

Kasey Clark, Topeka, KS

Can not say enough. Much respect for the beauty and energy coming from Tylor and Diddy. Home away from home.

Joshua Even, Springfield, MO

Super Chill weekend hangout zone! Slick80 should be on everyone’s to do list!

Courtney E Pool, Springfield, MO

Amazing. Unique. Magical. What are you waiting for? Go there – asap.

Jacquelyn McAntire, Springfield, MO

Five Stars!

Joshua Collins, Springfield, MO

Awesome Trails! Awesome People! Go check this place out!

Mike Jackson, Springfield, MO

My home away from home. Truly a place to ride your heart out, relax by a fire, and let the wilderness consume you.

Corey Stearns

Down home people, make everyone feel welcome like family! We had a ball and will be back

Don Miller

From creepy doll parts, random tires, a coffin at the top of a tough hill, there is something for everyone. If you are a fan of machine built, engineered, perfectly manicured trail…this is NOT your place. You can smell the blood, sweat and tears on this handbuilt trail. I can’t wait to see what’s to come

Melissa Ford

Interesting and fun place to ride. Trails for the little kids and the big ones, i. A cool laid back group of people. This place should be on your list.

Scott Ford

Perhaps the most open hearted visionary system of mountain bike trails ever. The land had been used for years as a sacrificial resting place for all sorts of junk that was meant to be recycled. Trouble is it wasn’t. It was just hidden in the forest and glens of an otherwise beautiful landscape.Tyler and Diddy move there and take it upon themselves to remove and recycle as much as possible then build trails so they can truly enjoy the land. It’s taken a monumental amount of effort but they are well on their way. The junk that remains has been repurposed for signs, fire rings, interesting trail features and such. There is still a lot to do but they are off to a great start!

Richard Renner

Share the Love

There can never be too much lovin’

There are many ways to help us keep this place alive.
Here are a few ideas on what you can do to share the love:

• Drop your aluminum cans and other recyclable metals in the designated areas
•Volunteer your time towards trail building or helping out with events
•Stop by the office and check out our funky cool weird things for sale
•Kindly place a donation in our donation jar

  1. Be nice or leave.
  2. Everything you do here is recreational, which means WE ARE NOT responsible for the idiotic things you do, ever. 
  3. Unattended children will be given caffeine, candy, and caffeine. 
  4. Safety is sexy. Wear your helmet. 
  5. Give five high-fives a day (minimum).
  6. DO NOT enter any dark tunnels or deep holes. If you do, see Rule #2.
  7. If you see any fluffy creatures, report it immediately so we can pet them. 
  8. Dogs need a collar and tags and supervision. If you let them roam they might find a new home. 
  9. You can touch but DO NOT take any toys decorating the trails. 
  10. No motorized vehicles or horses on trails. Unicorns are OK. 
  11. Uphill riders always have right-of-way.
  12. Get off the damn Internet. We DO NOT provide Internet anyway.
  13. No glass.
  14. No plastic. 
  15. Have a good time. 

Simply copy and paste these magical numbers into Google Maps or your GPS. Then follow those directions.

Coordinates: 36.632433, -92.672895